Fantastischer Ort für eine WM

Bericht über den Ausrichter der WM 2024 in Australien

Greg Wilcox, Segelmacher aus Potsdam, nutzt die seglerische Winterpause in Deutschland für einen Abstecher in das sommerliche Australien. In der Nähe von Brisbane fand letzte Woche die diesjährige Australische Meisterschaft und Interdominion statt und Greg konnte mit einem Leihschiff teilnehmen. Ergebnisse

Es gibt dazu ein wunderbares,  etwa halbstündiges Video von einem der Segeltage, das einen ganz guten Eindruck vom Revier vermittelt.
Dabei hatte Greg nicht nur viel Spaß, sondern erkundete so ganz nebenbei auch den Club und das Gelände für die OK-WM 2024 an gleicher Stelle.

Hier ist sein Revierbericht:

The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron is a fantastic place to hold a World Championship. The club is close to the airport and it is apparently around a $15 taxi ride. There are quite a few accommodation options nearby, the closest being the hotel right at the club entrance. I believe it costs around $200 per night for a double room. There are a lot of available houses to rent close by as well apparently which is what a lot of the Australians are doing and sharing the cost amongst a few of them.

Camping is free at the club and there are toilets and showers close to the area. The campground is at the other end of the grounds from the main ramp but there is another ramp right there and a few guys used that.

The club facilities are excellent with plenty of rigging area on the grass directly beside the wide ramp. The clubhouse has a good restaurant and cafe that is open from 7am every day for breakfast and the coffee is very nice. There are plenty of toilets and showers right next to the rigging area

The sailing area is roughly the same distance to get to as in Steinhude so not really a long way. They have 2 course areas and we sailed mostly on the North course. It is quite shallow so a capsize means mud on the sail. You have to also avoid the occasional Turtle or Dugong (a large mammal) and dolphins are also around.

The normal wind in February is a sea breeze which we did not get due to a southerly weather system that was passing through. The day after the regatta the wind was back to normal and the sea breeze was around 12 to 15knts. It is not necessary to bring warm sailing gear as the water is not cold and neither is the air. I used my light hikers and a rash top. No spray jacket needed!

Containers can be left at the club down near the campground and the 4 sailors from Perth had a 20ft container right there that they had shipped their boats in. (Yes Australia is that big!)

A short walk from the club is the shopping area for Manly so there is a supermarket and shops and restaurants close by.

The Aussies are sorting out charter boat options and will let people know what is available soon. If you want to book accommodation it would pay to start looking now. If you will have a camper then that is also free to stay with at the club.

It will be a great worlds in a very nice place.